5 Reasons to Make Secondhand Shopping Your New Year's Resolution

Jan 10, 2023

Let's face it; we could all use a bit of retail therapy these days. Buying a shiny, new object can be a quick shot of serotonin, but at what cost? Debt, the strain on the environment, and many other not-so-great things tend to come along with buying the newest, trendiest things.

If this is the year you're looking for a better way to get that retail rush, you might want to try secondhand shopping. It's all the fun of buying new, but it has a slew of benefits for you, your wallet, and your conscience. You're looking at knocking out a few resolutions at once. Let's have a look!  

What is Secondhand Shopping?

You may be wondering what exactly qualifies as secondhand shopping. The good news is that it's a broad label, so it's not too hard to incorporate this habit into your buying process. Simply put, if what you're buying isn't brand new, it's secondhand.

Such an expansive definition means you can purchase just about anything secondhand. Furniture, clothes, home decor, and even items like electronics and toys can be bought pre-loved. 

5 Reasons to Make Secondhand Shopping Your New Year's Resolution

Now that we've covered what secondhand shopping is, here are a few reasons why it's time to give it a try.

1. Secondhand Shopping is Greener

When you think about it, this is pretty obvious. If people buy fewer new things, it eliminates the need to churn out new items constantly. That translates to less manufacturing demand.

Over the past decades, we've shifted to cheaper, less durable goods. Everything from fast fashion to fast furniture is manufactured to be sold cheaply, quickly worn out, and disposed of. That adds up to a lot of unnecessary waste.

One of the joys of secondhand shopping is giving objects a new lease on life. If you're the DIY type, this is a great excuse to learn a new skill. Try mending near-perfect clothing or refinishing a dated dining set to fit your style. It's a fun way to escape the cycle of buying cheap goods and quickly disposing of them.

2. Buying Used Can Save You Money

Now, we can't claim that buying used is always cheaper. It can be a lot more expensive than some alternatives. A beautiful antique wardrobe is going to be pricier than its IKEA equivalent.

But! You'll get much more bang for your buck when you buy used. Returning to our wardrobe example, that antique piece has already lasted generations and will likely continue to stand the test of time. (It's worth learning to properly care for antiques to be sure they last). The fast furniture route will probably find you shopping for a replacement within ten years.

You can also purchase luxury brands you otherwise couldn't (or wouldn't) splurge on. Especially regarding clothing, you'll find plenty of gently used, authenticated garments from posh labels. Just look at the popularity of sites like PoshMark and RealReal.

3. Support Small Businesses

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the convenience and affordability of a box store. We look forward to our Target runs! But if you can support a small business while still getting what you need, why wouldn't you?

Small businesses bring personality to our neighborhoods and truly make them unique. They often lack the resources to compete with more prominent brands, so they count on locals to keep the lights on. If you aim to add more secondhand shopping to your routine, you can easily do so at smaller shops.

You'll also find that many thrift stores support charitable causes. Most people are familiar with Goodwill and Salvation Army's work in their communities, but you can get even more granular. Austin Pets Alive, an animal shelter in Austin, Texas, has several thrift stores throughout the city that help to keep the shelter no-kill. You'll also find stores that support victims of domestic violence, refugees, and people experiencing homelessness.

4. There Are Many Ways to Shop Secondhand

Depending on what you want and how you shop, you have plenty of options for where to buy. Thrift stores, vintage shops, and antique malls are excellent in-person choices.

If you love the thrill of a live auction, you'll find plenty of action when shopping secondhand. From quick, online auctions to multi-day, in-person events, no matter what you collect, there's probably an auction dedicated to it. Some creative sellers even hold auctions over Instagram Live, which can be a ton of fun to watch or participate in.

Of course, if you prefer to shop online, we think you'll enjoy Chattic. Whether you want to buy outright or do some haggling by making an offer, Chattic is a fun, social way to shop online. It's also a great place to get involved with others who prefer to shop secondhand, which brings us to our last point.

5. Become Part of a Community

There's something about secondhand shopping that seems to lend itself to community building. If you frequent the same shops regularly, you may develop relationships with the proprietors. This can be mutually beneficial, as you'll likely send more business their way, and they can let you know if an item you've been hoping for shows up at the store.

We mentioned earlier that buying used is a great excuse to hone your DIY skills. You'll find plenty of online and in-person communities devoted to refinishing furniture, mending clothes, and repairing all kinds of pre-loved items. Pinterest is a fantastic place to get started looking for these resources.

We've always hoped that Chattic would become a thriving community for collectors and lovers of vintage and antique pieces. That's why there's no cost to sign up and add your items to the platform (even if you just want to show off your collection)! Create your Chattic account to join in the fun.

Jan 10, 2023

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