Chattic Tips: Purchasing a Shipping Label Through Chattic

Oct 10, 2022

This article will cover how shipping works with Chattic. Read on for an in-depth guide, or scroll to the bottom for some quick FAQs.

When a buyer purchases one of your listings, you can create a shipping label without leaving the Chattic website. We're able to offer this through our integration with Shippo. In addition to the convenience of purchasing and printing a shipping label from home, you'll also have access to some shipping discounts.

The shipping process starts when you list an item for sale. At the bottom of the Add Listing screen, you'll see a section for Shipping Dimensions. Here, enter the dimensions for shipping rather than the actual dimensions of the object:

***For example, if your item is a tablecloth, enter the dimensions of the cloth when it's folded rather than what it measures spread out on a table.

If your item is too large or heavy to be shipped via Shippo, you'll receive an alert letting you know you'll need to arrange your own shipping. You'll need to agree to the statement in the infobox before you can publish your listing:

Once a buyer purchases your item, you can find the details in the Sales section of your profile. To buy a shipping label, start by clicking on the Show Details link:

You'll see the details of the order, including the buyer's address. Click on the Create Shipping button to continue to the next screen.

Enter the address you'll be shipping from in the box. Chattic will save this address for future orders, but you can always change it from this screen. Once you've entered your address, click on Next Step:

You can select the shipping method you'd like to use on this screen. Make your selection, then scroll down and click on the Proceed to Payment button:

In this last step you'll enter your credit card details. Click on the Pay Now button to purchase your label. You'll receive a link to your shipping label via email. You can print your label or track your shipment from the links in this email, so you may want to hang onto it for your records:


You can also find the tracking info in the order details section of your account should you ever need it. Congratulations on your sale!

Shipping FAQ

Can I use a different carrier/shipping platform?

Of course! You're free to purchase shipping labels directly or use a platform other than Shippo if you prefer.

Why do I need to enter shipping dimensions before listing an item for sale?

Some items are too large to be shipped with the services offered through Shippo. We ask for the dimensions early in the process to let you know immediately if you'll need to make alternative arrangements for shipping.

Do I need Shippo account?

Nope. While Shippo will provide your label, there is no need to set up a Shippo account.

Do I need to provide the buyer with tracking info?

If you purchase a label through Chattic, the buyer will automatically receive an email with tracking. If you buy the label yourself, you'll need to provide tracking info to the buyer.

Oct 10, 2022

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