How to Mix Modern and Traditional Decor for a Unique Style

May 26, 2022

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to mix modern and traditional home decor. Bringing home a classic piece of furniture that will last for years is easier on your wallet (and the environment) than particleboard. Maybe you've inherited some collectibles that you want to incorporate into your design.

Merging contemporary and more traditional decor is a practical way to create a trendy yet inviting living space. However, most of us aren't interior decorators, so the idea of making two different styles mesh can be intimidating.

How to Mix Modern and Traditional Decor for a Unique Style

Whether you already have some incredible vintage pieces or you're gearing up to do some shopping, you can develop your own unique style with a bit of creativity. We'll show you a few easy ways to get started!

1. Keep Your Base Furniture Modern

One approach is to start with modern base furniture and accessorize with more traditional pieces. Contemporary furniture tends to be simpler, with straight, clean lines. These features make it a bit easier to fit into a design scheme.

When it's time to accessorize, you can embrace a more traditional style. Think ornate side tables or a colorful floral vase. Don't forget about textiles, either. A handmade blanket in a warm color can add another dimension to a plain, neutral couch.

Your local flea market or antique mall are great jumping-off points for searching for some unique, older pieces. If you'd rather shop from the comfort of home, browse some of the listings on Chattic.

2. Add Modern Flair to Traditional Furnishings

Of course, you might already have some gorgeous traditional furniture that you'd like to design a room around. If your pieces have seen better days, you might try making a cosmetic change. Perhaps reupholster a fancy brocade chair in a more contemporary gray or other neutral.

If altering your pieces isn't an option, you might try bringing some cool, modern colors to the rest of the room. Traditional furniture typically has a warm color palette of deep browns. Pairing this with a less saturated color scheme on the walls and floors will set off the richness of your furniture.

3. Start Slow and Make Small Changes

When starting with a modern space (like a new apartment), take it slow when adding more vintage pieces. Packing your place with older accessories can make it feel less like a home and more like a museum.

Start by adding one piece to a room at a time. A large, heavy coffee table will add personality to a minimalist living room, but adding antique doilies may be a step too far. Be sure to mingle pieces from different eras throughout the room, or you risk dividing the space based on time period.

4. Get Creative and Repurpose

Sometimes you'll spend months looking for that perfect piece, and it never shows up. One solution is to repurpose the vintage objects you can find creatively. A flat-topped steamer trunk makes a unique stand-in for a nightstand or side table.

You can also give mass-produced furniture a bit of a vintage feel, especially if you're the DIY type. Try replacing the existing hardware on your dresser with leather drawer pulls. It's a nice touch that will bring the vibe you're after while you shop for the bureau of your dreams.

Wrapping Up

Furnishing a new home or updating an existing one can be exciting and a bit anxiety-inducing. When you join Chattic, you'll have access to a thriving community of people ready to help. You're sure to find some helpful advice or even the piece you need to bring your vision to life!

May 26, 2022

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