Chattic Tips: How to Use Chattic's Bulk Upload Tool

Nov 21, 2022

Have a bunch of stuff to add to Chattic? Great! Chattic offers a bulk upload tool that can save you a lot of time.

1. Getting Started

From the Chattic home page, navigate to My Account -> Listings. You should see a blue text box with a link reading Upload Listings:

Click the Upload Listings link to open the Bulk Upload dialogue box.

2. Download the Bulk Upload Sheet

If this is your first bulk upload, you'll need to download the Bulk Upload template. Click the template link under Listings to begin the download:

Once you've downloaded the template, you can open it in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or a similar program. There are a couple of sample listings to help you understand the formatting, but you can delete those once you have a handle on the bulk upload process.

3. Listing Info

Now it's time to add your listings to the sheet. Here are a few tips for filling out each of the fields:

Title (Required) - Give your item a descriptive title. The title can be up to 100 characters. This is a required field.

Price (Required) - If you are listing your item for sale, include a price in USD.

Category (Required) - Select in the best category for your item from our list of categories. (Can't find a category that works? Let us know; we're constantly adding new categories.)

Tags (Optional) - You can add tags to further describe your item that are related to the item's category. Learn more about categories and tags.

Description (Required) - Add a description of up to 1,000 characters. Give as much detail as you can.

Length/Height/Width/Weight (Optional) - If you plan to list your item for sale, you can include your shipping dimensions here.

Visible (Required) - Enter "yes" if you'd like others on Chattic to be able to see your item. If you'd prefer to keep the item hidden, enter "no".

Available for Sale (Required) - Select "yes" if you want to list the item for sale. Select "no" if the item is not for sale.

*Note that if you use a program other than Microsoft Excel, you'll need to save your file in either .xls or .xlsx format.

4. Images

Next, let's get your images ready for upload. You can see an example of how to name your images by clicking on the template link in the Images section of the Bulk Upload dialogue box.

If your images are large, you may want to compress them before uploading them to Chattic.

Once your pictures are ready for upload, you'll need to rename each of them, so they'll be associated with the appropriate listing. For example, if your listing title is Catalina Tile Table, you'll name your images catalina tile table-1, catalina tile table-2, and so on.

Chattic allows up to five images per listing. The images will appear on your listing in number order. In the above example, "Catalina Tile Table-1" will be the main listing image. (Image order can be edited at any time from the listings page).

Once you've named all your images, you'll need to create a zip file using whichever method you prefer. Name this zip file listings_images.

Note that there is a 5GB max for the image upload. If your zip file exceeds 5GB, you'll need to split your upload into a few batches.

5. Upload

Now that you have your listings and images ready, it's time to upload them to Chattic. Navigate back to the Bulk Upload Dialogue box. From here, you can either drag and drop or browse for your Excel file and the zip file containing your images.

Once you've added your files, click on the Upload button.

6. Check Your Email

It may take a few minutes to receive your confirmation email, depending on your upload size. If everything went smoothly, you'll receive a success email, and you'll be able to find all your new listings in your account.

If there are issues with any part of the upload, you'll receive an email detailing the problems. You can upload these listings manually or try another bulk upload once you've fixed the issues.

Nov 21, 2022

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