4 Ways Chattic Can Complement Your Live Instagram Sales

Nov 30, 2022

Live selling on Instagram has a lot of advantages for both buyers and sellers. If you're a vintage or collectible dealer, we recommend giving it a try if you haven't already. However, like anything done live on the internet, chaos is a distinct possibility.

Fortunately, with Chattic and a little creativity, you can help your live Instagram sales run smoothly. That way, you can relax and enjoy engaging with your audience during the sale (while still making some money).

Read on for four ways Chattic can complement your Instagram live sales.

1. Create a Preview for Your Live Sales

One advantage Chattic has over other marketplaces is that you can display your items without listing them for sale. Try bulk uploading what you're planning on including in your next sale using a similar naming convention that your followers can search for:

Organizing your inventory this way can also make the sale easier for you. We see many questions come in on chat during live sales, and IG's lag can make it difficult for sellers to answer them all. By including some basic info about your piece (materials, size, etc.), shoppers can answer their own questions.

2. Handle Sales and Shipping Seamlessly

Collecting payment after an IG sale can be anything but smooth, especially if you have to invoice separately for shipping.

Payments on Chattic are all handled through Stripe. You'll need to set up a Stripe account when you start with Chattic, but it's a simple, one-time process. After that, all payments will be deposited into your Stripe account, and you can transfer that money wherever it needs to go.

When it comes to shipping, you can purchase a label right from the Chattic site thanks to our partnership with Shippo. If you prefer to use a different shipping provider, you're welcome to do that.

To help offset shipping costs, we recommend accounting for those costs when pricing your items. While it'll make the item seem a bit more expensive, most shoppers have been trained to expect free shipping thanks to giant retailers like Amazon.

3. Let Customers Choose the Items in Your Live Sale

One trend we've noticed is that buyers want to see a wide variety of items in a single sale. You might anticipate selling many Christmas-themed items, then find out your audience was hoping to snap up your leftover Halloween stock. So how do you predict what shoppers are after?

Try directing followers to your Chattic profile so they can see everything you have to offer. Encourage them to comment on the items they most want to see in your upcoming sale:

You can easily see your most wanted pieces and go into your sale confident that you're delivering what your buyers want.

4. Share Supporting Documentation

This next tip is essential if you sell items that are graded (like stamps and coins) or could potentially be forged (like autographs or historical documents). Providing appraisals or other documents can give your buyers peace of mind and help you get the best price.

When you upload an item to Chattic, you can add a .pdf to the listing. This could be any document that helps to support the quality, provenance, or authenticity of your item:

You can keep any documents you've uploaded private, meaning only you can see them. Otherwise, any user can see them in the Certificates section of the item's listing:

If you still need a professional opinion on an item, you can get an appraisal through Chattic. You'll have an expert valuation in 24 to 48 hours.

Wrapping Up

We adore Instagram live sales (and you've probably seen us lurking at a couple), but they can be pretty taxing for the sellers! Hopefully, these suggestions will make your next live event less stressful. And let us know about your next sale; we'd love to help spread the word!

Nov 30, 2022

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